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Very informative and enjoyable course. Would highly recommend everyone learn this… Helpful and enjoyable … Relaxed style of training … It was led very clearly.

Paediatric First Aid, June 2018

I would definitely recommend this course as it is easy to apply … Very informative, lot of common sense, but some excellent advice … Great course, great knowledge.

Emergency First Aid at Work, May 2018

Good knowledge of what is required, but also understands the needs of caring issues relevant to them … Thanks to Eric, I learned two new person assisted walking techniques and how to hold a child & young person stopping them hitting out or head butting.

IOSH—Moving People Safely, March 2018

Enjoyed the course, excellent information … Excellent Trainer, knowledgeable, interesting.

Safeguarding Children, March 2018

The refresher course was very worthwhile, re-instilling knowledge and confidence in what we previously learned.

Emergency First Aid at Work, March 2018

Excellent communicator, confident in his teaching methods … Eric is a great teacher and very informative. He knows the subject matter well and I have confidence in the training he has provided. Also very good that Eric can tailor the First Aid training provided to the specific Industry you work in..

Emergency First Aid at Work, March 2018

This course is a good insight to Safeguarding and a good reminder of things you need to be considering … Good trainer, enjoyable course.

Safeguarding Children, March 2018

Very good course, Trainer kept us going well. Some courses can be boring, this was informative and fun … We learnt a few new things today, very helpful and very informative, Thank you.

Basic Life Saving Skills and AED Course, February 2018

Good content, discussions, videos, group work – good balance … The trainer was very informative.

Safeguarding Children, January 2018

Recommended, absolutely sound … Trainer is very knowledgeable, so good and experienced … Recommended, very extensive case studies, practical advice given.

Safeguarding Children, January 2018

Course was really informative and feel reassured that I would be able to handle an incident confidently following this course … Very informative and hands on. Clear information, Good Trainer.

Paediatric First Aid, July 2017

Very personable, easy to understand. Explained things clearly. Answered questions, giving good examples … Worthwhile and made course interesting and appropriate for our circumstances.

Emergency First Aid at Work, March 2017