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Course Overview

Conflict Management provides staff members with an understanding of conflicts; what causes them, how they can be managed and ultimately how they can be prevented.

You will learn essential communication skills to enable them to deescalate potential aggressive situations and how to also support those affected by bullying. The course is designed to suit all staff so as to ensure a safer working environment and positive attitudes.

The course aim is to give participants’ more understanding as to the background of conflict and how their own contribution during such an altercation can either calm or escalate a confrontation. Both verbal and non – verbal body language can have a great impact on a situation and you need to be aware of what you are saying and doing.

The course is designed to allow people to learn and practise key skills to build their confidence whilst being able to maintain composure whilst de-escalating customer conflict.

Course Content

Course which will cover basic aspects of Managing Conflict in Daily Life

  • What is conflict
  • What are signs of conflict at work
  • Causes of conflict at work
  • Strategies for dealing with conflict / issues
  • Win / win situations for all
  • Legislation - employment laws / civil & criminal law
  • Reporting processes / procedures for organisations & businesses
  • Documentation / reports
  • After care support - who can help
  • Outcomes & finale solutions - way forward for all
  • Physical confrontation
  • Body language – signs & indications

Practical sessions

Case studies throughout the course will be utilised to generate conversation between candidates.


There is no assessment for this course.


  • Conflict management handout

Additional information

This course covers de-esclating a situation, it does not go into physical techniques.