• Manual Handling Objects

Course Overview

This course is designed to ensure that we outline the hazards/risks and measures to reduce the risks within your organisation. That updates on legislative changes and practices that impact on managing manual handling risks and training within your company / organisation are disclosed.

You will be made aware of such things as hierarchy of measures, the TILEO mnemonic, and to the appreciation of the stresses applied during handling operations.

There are practical’s which all undertake to ensure they fully understand and are able to maintain correct posture during manual handling operations.

Course Content

  • What is manual handling
  • Risk assessments
  • Legislation
  • Musculosketal system
  • Mechanics of movement
  • Types of injuries
  • Control measures
  • Principles of safe moving & handling
  • Equipment available

Practical sessions

An oppotunity to try out appropriate techniques for moving items.




  • Manual Handling handout

Additional information

The course practises manual handling techniques. We therefore request that you wear flat shoes and trousers to be able to carry out these techniques.