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Course Overview

Personal safety is of prime importance for those people who work alone or even travel on public transport for their daily commute to work, especially if the journey home is at a late hour and your rail station is isolated from the main public area.

We are aware that many people can be exposed to situations during which their safety could be put at risk. Even when dealing with customers or other members of the public during their daily work incidents of aggression or conflict develop that put members of staff in sometimes dangerous situations.

We work with management and staff to ensure that compatible risk assessments for lone workers are current, meaningful and effective. Management need to be aware of the possible situations that their staff may endure and are required to provide the necessary training to fulfil their obligations.

Course Content

  • What is Lone Working?                                      
  • Polices & Procedures
  • Who does it include?                            
  • Physical Intervention / Breakaway (Discussion) & Possible Scenario’s encountered
  • Risk Assessments                                   
  • Body Language                                                                    
  • Legislation                                                               
  • Threat Matrix
  • Support Networks

Practical sessions

Case studies throughout the course will be utilised to generate conversation between candidates.


There is no assessment as part of this course.


  • Lone working handout

Additional information

It is useful if candidates have access to their lone working policy which can be related to during the training.