Payment Structure for Booking Courses

Lasted update 9 October 2018

Whilst Viking Training endeavours to accommodate businesses and organisations in its process of booking training courses without taking any deposit from them, it has in recent months been necessary to implement the following structure for payment for all training courses being booked with us.

Any course that is booked 2 weeks before the start date of that course then Viking Training will require a 50% deposit of the full course fee ( Bank details to be provided when  booking is confirmed). Any course booked less than 2 weeks prior to its start date we will require full payment when booking.

Viking Training will email the final invoice for the balance of the course fee to your company or organisation within 5 working days after the completion of the course. Full payment will be required within 28days of receipt of the invoice.

Viking Training will forward an invoice for the part payment of the course fee within 3 working days of receipt of monies. This invoice will indicate the full course price to your company, any deposit already paid to Viking Training and the outstanding balance and date final payment is due.

If for any reason the 50% payment has not been received by Viking Training within 5 working days of the course being booked, then Viking Training will request that full payment of the course fee be made immediately to ensure that the course can continue.

Should anyone attend the course when payment has not been made or received then Viking Training reserve the right to refuse them a place on that course.

Viking Training will retain all certification for the course if settlement of the outstanding balance of the course fee has not been made to them and will only provide the certification once full payment of the outstanding monies has been confirmed.

Viking Training reserve the right to seek compensation from those companies or organisations that have not made full  payment of the course fee or of any  outstanding balance of monies for the course(s) undertaken after the due date indicated on the final invoice being sent to you.

Viking Training may seek a 5% compensation charge for any and all outstanding monies owed to them for training that has been provided and payment has not been made. This charge will be detailed in an invoice sent to your company or organisation 1 month after the due date of final payment.

Viking Training will send out an invoice each month (up to 3 months) following the final payment date, this will indicate the outstanding balance and the charge of 5% for each month non payment is made. The final invoice will indicate the outstanding balance of course fees owed together with 3 months interest charge

If, after 3 months of invoices being sent to your company or organisation and no contact having been made with us as to why such payment cannot be made then Viking Training will implement civil proceedings to recover all monies outstanding to us including the 5% interest charge for  each month the payment is outstanding. We will also look to recover any civil court costs incurred by us for having to undertaking this course of action.

 Individuals who contact Viking Training and book a place on any publicly held training course will be required to pay the full course price on booking their place. (Bank details of the company will be provided on confirmation invoice).

If, for any reason (which is beyond the control of Viking Training) a course is cancelled, we will offer all individuals and companies who have booked that course the options of a full refund or placement on the next available course.

Should the individual be unable to attend a course they have booked and full payment has been received, we will again endeavour to offer them options of a place on another course (dates to be confirmed) or a full refund of their money.

We would ask that Viking Training is notified of any non attendance at least 3-4 working days before commencement of the course. In cases of emergency, we would ask that we are contacted on the mobile number provided by 8.30am on the morning of the course.

If we are not given any indication, either by telephone, text message or email that a person will not be attending the course, Viking Training reserve the right to retain the full payment made as part of the booking conditions.

We hope that the civil course of action to recover all monies owed to the company is avoidable and that conversations take place prior to booking courses to ensure that this does not happen.

We hope that companies and organisations understand the booking, payment and invoice structure so that this issue will not arise.

A copy of this notice will be forwarded via email if requested.



Eric Jenkins

( Managing Director / Lead Trainer @ Viking Training )