Jigsaw pieces making up head with words in relating to mental healthCourse Overview

This course is to bring awareness to people, staff and managers which can assist in showing that mental health issues are present wherever we are. That we reduce or eliminate the stigma attached to someone who discloses they have a mental health issue.

We hope that we can bring to your attention the early signs of mental health issues, that you can engage and listen to someone who opens up and discloses information around their own mental health.

By following the information provided, we can prevent self harm or possible suicide attempts. The right professional help is signposted for them and that we assist in their recovery by just being there, able to listen and not judge.

Course Content

  • What is mental health & well being
  • Types of mental health
  • Signs & symptoms of mental health
  • Well being – what is it (diet / exercise / sleep issues )
  • Legislation
  • Case studies on types of mental health (video & discussions)
  • Social media effect on mental health
  • Children & mental health / well being
  • Process of helping person with mental health issues ( be clear )
  • Bullying on line
  • Sexting / body image ( video of greatest showman – this is me )
  • Cbt – cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Suicide / attempted suicide issues
  • Support netwroks – own / self help / professionals

Practical sessions





  • Mental Health and Wellbeing handout

Additional information