We move objects in everyday life, but when in a work environment we need to consider the objects or people we may move. We need to assess whether there is risk to individuals moving these items and how we can minimise the risk. The Manual Handling Regulations require that employer takes all reasonable steps to reduce the risk to an individual.

What are the requirements to consider?

The Manual Handling Regulations promote the Hierarchy of Measures


It is the responsibility of the employer to:


It is the responsibility of the employee to:

Lady lift a large box

Carrying out a risk assessment

It is important to carry out a risk assessment to identify the different manual handling activities and what people, equipment and training need to be in place. The majority of risk assessments can be taken in house by a competent person, as the best people to know your business are those who do the job every day, as every business will be different. As part of a risk assessment you should consider:

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Different types of training

There are main two areas of training, but these expand depending on need.

Each of the courses will go into specific areas depending on the need of different equipment and specific types of items to move.

In Wales and Scotland there are defined standards for the moving of people. If you looking to contract with big organisations, they will look that you are trained to these standards. These standards are the:

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